BS Chrono Trigger: Character Library

BS Chrono Trigger: Character Library  (SNES)   1995


First DLC (Downloadable content)

Gameplay video



1) Downloadable content (DLC) is additional content created for a released video game. It is distributed through the Internet by the game's official publisher. Downloadable content can be of several types, ranging from aesthetic outfit changes to a new, extensive storyline, similar to an expansion pack. As such, DLC may add new game modes, objects, levels, challenges or other features to a complete, already released game. It is a form of video game monetization, enabling a publisher to gain additional revenue from a title after it has been purchased by offering DLC at low costs, frequently using a type of microtransaction system for payment.

2) Contains information on all of the playable characters and enemies for game Chrono Trigger (1995) for SNES.

3) Released for the Japan only "Satellaview" - satellite modem peripheral for Nintendo's Super Famicom system that was released in Japan in 1995, came bundled with the BS-X Game Pak and an 8M Memory Pak.The Satellaview system was developed to receive signals broadcast from satellite TV station WOWOW's satellite radio subsidiary, St.GIGA. St.GIGA was responsible for file server management, maintenance, and vocalization for "SoundLink" games. Nintendo data broadcasts were given a fixed time slot known as the Super Famicom Hour during which scrambled Satellaview-related data was streamed via radio waves to be unscrambled by St.GIGA's "BS digital hi-vision TV". As a subscription-based station for ambient and New-age music, St.GIGA listeners were already equipped with "BS tuners" prior to St.GIGA's contract with Nintendo. 

4) BS Chrono Trigger: Character Library is also included in Final Fantasy Chronicles (compilation of Square's role-playing video games Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger). 

5) Emulated in: bsnes

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