Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (arcade) 1995


First 3D breast bounce animation

Battle Arena Toshinden 2
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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (Amiga Joker) 1996 german

Magazine review -  Amiga Joker 1996 (german)


1) First 2D breast bounce animation was in Sabrina (Amstrad CPC) 1988 (black and white game), then in 1992 in Fatal fury 2 (1992) (in color), then in The King of Fighters '94 arcade game (censored on home versions) and X-Men children of the atom (arcade 1994).

2) A reviewer for Next Generation magazine in 1996 contended that the Toshinden series is not well-suited to the arcade environment, and criticized the fact that the arcade version is near-identical to the PlayStation version, since standards are higher in arcades.

3) Toshinden 2 was ported to the PC. It is a Windows port of the PlayStation version with arcade graphical fidelity, the ability to play the game in higher resolutions and some additional options, such as the ability to remap all the controls (the PlayStation version only allows the remapping of the shoulder buttons). Unlike the original PlayStation port, it also saves unlocked characters, settings and results. However, the introductory movie was removed.

4) Only one character in the game - Sofia, has breast bounce (she is on the poster of the game with suggestive title).

5) First censored 3d breast bounce was in Playstation version of arcade game "Ehrgeiz" (1998) (breast bounce in Saturn (1997) and Playstation (1998) ports of popular arcade game with this feature "Dead or Alive" (1996) was not censored).

6) Sony Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Game Soundtrack - SRCL-3471) on April 21, 1996.

7) Emulated in: Zinc

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