Athletic World

Athletic World (NES) 1986


Advanced floor mat game controller (Power Pad in USA, originally released as Family Trainer for this game)

Athletic World

Gameplay video

Athletic World
picture from manual
Athletic World
Family trainer (original)
Athletic World
Earliest magazine review -Power Play (1988)

Ealiest english Review -  Game Freaks 365 (2005)
"Athletic World is a spectacular title. If you're looking for one to round out your NES collection for Power Pad titles or if you're curious what that old thing could do, then this is the game to check out. I haven't tried the other ones out yet, but thus far I have to say I'm happy with what this game, and the peripheral it was built around has to offer. This is one to come back to from time to time."


1) Advanced version of modern console floor pads (for Wii and arcades). First pad was in Video Jogger (1983).
2) Movements in the game are controlled by the player physically running, jumping, and stepping on the pad in a similar fashion to modern dance pad games. This game also offers the unique feature of having players' game play experience tailored to them by asking for their name, age, gender, and the current date to provide them with customized advice.

3) Emulated in: Nestopia

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