Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves (Atari ST)  1990


First 3D platformer

Alpha Waves game

Gameplay video

Alpha Waves
Magazine review - ST Format (1991)

1) Provided the first truly immersive 3D experience, combining for the first time fullscreen, six-axis, flat-shaded 3D with 3D object interaction (like bouncing on a platform).
2) Alpha Waves was an abstract game with a moody, artistic presentation, curiously named for its supposed ability to stimulate the different emotional centers of the brain with its use of color and music.
3) The DOS port was done by Frederick Raynal, a notable game designer who would go on to develop Alone in the Dark  (1992). He has said that his work on Alpha Waves was a major inspiration for the 3D engine for Alone in the Dark.
4) DOS version was also localized in North America, renamed as  "Continuum".
5) Game has no visible depth-of-field clipping (objects disappearing in the distance).
6) Computer Gaming World stated that the game "plays like one would expect a Star Trek: The Next Generation "holodeck" game to play".

7) First 3D platform game, released in 1990, 6 years before Super Mario 64.

8) Emulated in: SainT

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