4-D Boxing

4-D Boxing (Macintosh)  1991


First 3D fighting, second motion capture game (after Warrior (1979)

4-D Boxing
COVER ART (DOS) (if you have Mac cover art please contribute)

Gameplay video

Cover art

Review - Chicago tribune 1992
Most Far-Out Graphics: 4-D Boxing
"Boasts polygon graphics that take a bit of getting used to- the boxers all look like they`ve stepped out of Dire
Straits` Money For Nothing` video-but the motion is so fluid and lifelike that even if you hate boxing you`ll be astounded by these special effects."

1) On the "Create a Boxer" feature, there was a good selection of different heads to choose. Two of them were directly inspired by the two main characters on Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" music video, which also featured tridimensional computerized characters.

2)  The game didn't take itself very seriously. For example, the game package stated that the (polygon) boxers had "faces only a mother could love" and some examples of the boxers' names are "Duster Bugreport", "Biggus 'Stinky' Bonus"

3) For more 3D fightings, watch Virtua Fighter (1993).

4) Emulated in: Mini vMac (not fully emulated).

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